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Remote school is ending. States are opening back up. Yay, for all the parents, who have stepped up and filled in the gap. The parents who were not, use to being home so many hours with their child. Parents who had to be referees, cook, activities specialist, teacher assistant, co-worker, and CEO 24/7.

What’s next!

The kids are out of school. Some parents are back at work or still at work from home. There were a lot of pros of remote learning for kids. The kids got a flexible schedule, more screen time, and plenty of eating time.

But, the best thing the kids got was more time with you!

Before the shutdown, I had a conversation with the kids I serve, about what they were looking forward to while at home full time. The #1 thing the kids talked about was looking forward to time with you, the parent(s).

The quality time you have spent at home with the kids was valuable quality time. So, I plea with all parents that after the schedule has resumed, don’t shut down or close the door on the quality time they had to spend with you. Have you noticed that they missed you? They need your presence, they need your attention, they need your reassurance. They just need you!

Did you know, that the parent-child attachment provides a framework where the child forms expectations about relationships? Youth who have a secure attachment with their parents are likely to view peer interactions and relationships as safe avenues to explore. Relationships with parents will also influence later romantic relationships. Therefore, their relationship with you is not only important for now but for them later in life.

Now that summer is coming. How will you make sure you still spend quality time with the kids?

I thought I would give some terra tips on projects, parents and kids can do together over the summer.

Start a new business.

1. Create a business plan

2. Develop your product or a service

3. Design a marketing campaign

4. And get out there and sell sell sell

If your child is artistic. Create a virtual art show.

1. You and your child create art pieces. ( i.e. Paintings, drawing, t-shirt designs)

2. Figure out to set it up in your house or garage

3. Get a cash app or PayPal

4. Then send out invites to your virtual art show

Create a tv show. Kids love the camera.

1. Decide the type of show

2. Write the scripts together

3. Decide to get a youtube, tictok, or social media page

4. Film you all having real talks with your phone

5. Share it with others

Have a reading marathon of books you can read together

1. Get a calendar

2. Set the challenge

3. Pick your books

4. Record them on the calendar

There are many other projects you can do with the kids. You can create them or look them up online. But, the main purpose is to set aside time to keep the quality time going.

Will it take some effort? Yes. Will it take planning? Yes. Will it be worth it? Definitely, yes! You can do it! Enjoy your quality time!

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