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We inspire greatness in kids through one on one coaching and workshops. We help kids discover their brain power by teaching them how the brain works, how to manage their thoughts and how to think positive.

We teach character and leadership skills in workshops designed to give them active hands practice on practice on how to make good decisions and rise above peer pressure. In our large group opportunities, we teach kids about how they were created with gifts and talents. We help them discover their talents through gift assessments and discovery activities. My coaching packages [workshops] are based on Adventures in Wisdom Curricula ™. We also teach them how to get past their fears, mistakes, and failures that may be keeping them from moving forward in confidence.



We activate self-awareness through group discussion, small group hands-on activities and one on one opportunities. We teach emotional hygiene, emotional health and how to participate in self-care. Then we coach the kids through group activities to manage the new discoveries of themselves.


We coach kids affected with or exposed to PTSD by teaching them about PTSD and the awareness of 2nd Hand PTSD. We provide coping skills to deal with the ups and downs of this life. We serve the emotional and inner needs of kids in a safe environment.  

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We energize kids with motivational speaking during conferences, church, military bases, non- profit and school events. Through small or large group sessions we stimulate the mind of a child to imagine and dream big. We create vision boards and coach them on how to set reachable and achievable goals. 

For our parents, we motivate through small groups and teach family activities that promote and support emotional development, by creating safe environments for healthy family discussions. 

For those who work with children, we support childcare providers and children’s church ministries by providing consulting services, resources and training. 


We promote the progress kids learning their purpose through our group sessions, motivating them to be the best versions of themselves. Our classes teach self-discipline, how to build their self-esteem and how to work with others. We also teach encouragement skills to parents to ensure children have the best support system available to achieve success. We help our parents understand that they are the first responder in their child’s life. 

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