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Inspire, Amazing, Motivated Purposeful Kids

Terra Cartina
Life Coach for Kids

I am Terra Cartina an early childhood educator, a life coach for kids, a consultant, and advocate for 2nd hand PTSD. I grew up in a harsh environment with gangs, lack of respect for young girls, and a place where I was not always encouraged to be my best. I was blessed to have three people who would talk and encourage me to ignore my environment, make good decisions not get in trouble, and motivated me to be more. Those three people were the local hairdresser, my youth Pastor, and my mother. Someone was in my corner.



In my 23 years of experience with kids and 20 years of experience as a military spouse, I noticed the adverse effects life had on the emotional health of kids. I also noticed that kids affected with PTSD or living with someone with an Adult PTSD patient, needed more care, coaching and coping skills for their environment. So I started a company that would let kids know that someone was in their corner. My company inspires them to greatness, activates their self-confidence, motivates their dreams, and promotes their purpose.  

" I want to see millions of kids win on the inside so they can have healthy lives on the outside."  Emotionally healthy kids will make a positive impact on their families, friends and the world. 


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