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Covid Conversations


In a child’s eyes the adult in their life is seen as the superhero. You are the person they want to grow up to be. You are the voice they hear in their head. In these times you are the person they look to for stability. You are the person they seek for safety. You are the person they are looking for reassurance that everything will be ok. You are the person who will help them successfully cope with the changes in their life during COVID-19

You can help by doing the following things:

  1. Be aware of how you are talking about COVID-19 around them. Are you speaking in a calm voice or in a nervous tone? Are you consumed with the negative news? Are you in a panic state? Remember, you are the role model. They are watching your every move.

  2. Explain your terminology. Some kids may not understand what social distancing means. You may have to demonstrate it to them. Explain to them why it helps. Use visual images found that can be found on various websites.

  3. Monitor your child’s media consumption. Many stories on the media are loaded with negativity and some even give misinformation. You want to monitor what they watch and then explain it in the ways they can understand it. Always include a reassurance of the positive side of things and point out how your family is taking precautions of safety.

  4. Stay connected to schools and the free learning opportunities offered at this time. Keeping learning as a part of your routine will keep a sense of normalcy in the mind of the child.

  5. Stay informed with the facts. As seen on the news symptoms for children are considered as mild. However, you as the adult must know what they are in order to recognize them. Don’t be afraid to call your doctor to ask questions. Video appoints are now the norm so you can still stay safe and seek out assistance. Being informed is the first line of defense. Keeping up with proper hygiene practices is the second.

Being an adult caretake or parent in these times may seem a hard task during this time. During an aircraft emergency It is said that you must put the mask on first in order to help someone else. You are also encouraged to seek out help if you need some coping assistance also. In the meantime keep doing your best at being the superhero in the eyes of the child in your life.

For more detailed information check out the article below

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