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The Upside to Covid-19

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

It is now a new month and we are still in quarantine. I am reading so many articles about how the adults are weathering the storm of adjusting to this new life and I am reading all negative things about how kids are adjusting but I just wondered if any kids are seeing an upside to being homebound. Well, I decided to reach out to the parents I knew who had kids. I asked how the kids were adjusting to the quarantine. Surprisingly I got 90% of positive responses. Sleeping late · Kids are loving sleeping late. Parents are not pressuring them to get up at 5 am or 6 am. They can cuddle up in the sheets as long as they like. They are now getting much-needed rest that they may have missed out on during the normal school year. No morning rushes · The kids are not missing the morning rush. Get up, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, get your bag, eat some breakfast and get in this car before I pull off, we’re late. These are words kids do not have to here in the morning now that they are being homeschooled. Now they can take their time or not get all dressed up at all. Quick schoolwork · Kids spend 6.5 hours a day in school. Academics take up maybe about 4 to 5 hours of the day. With homeschooling, there is focused time to do the work. There are no specials to go to, no lunchtime to add-in and no outside time. The focus hours on schoolwork makes schoolwork go quicker. No fussing teachers · In my many years of being around kids, one of the main complaints I would hear is that the teachers sometimes yell and fuss. Now that they are homeschooled one of the students mentioned that they don’t miss hearing teachers yell in class, at others or telling them what to do. No school fights or bullying · One of the frightening parts of the school day is the things the fights and bullying that goes on. They never know if something will happen before school, in the bathroom, at the lunch table or on the way home. Tempers often get out of hand when kids cant manage their emotions. well, these incidents are not being missed no that they are not in school. All-day snacking · Happy times are here but not for parents. Some children are enjoying the open access to the refrigerator and pantry. Chips, soda, cereal, sandwiches, fruit snacks and more are at their hands all day and they love it. More family times · Before the quarantine, I asked the kids, what were they looking forward to when they have to stay home. The number one response was family time. They love having parents’ homes to talk with, play games with exercise with and to sit and watch movies with. I think in our busy world we forget how important it is to spend quality time with our kids. Extended outside time · Social distancing is a hard thing for kids to understand. But nothing beats a good basketball game outside. The kids love being able to go outside when they want to even if its in the backyard. More time for video games · In this digital age videos are the number one pass time for many kids. Having more free time to play them is a bonus for the kids. They can get their work in and get to the game. Some parents aren’t putting time limits on it so they are living the dream life. · The COVID 19 quarantine has brought about many changes, many adjustments and the new norm is ever-present and not all pleasant. It is good to know that kids are finding things to look forward to. Blog by Terra Cartina

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